Thursday, October 28, 2010

One Step Forward-Two Steps Back

It seems like every time we make some kind of groundbreaking move forward in the trans community, we end up taking two steps backward.

Such is the yin and yang of trans life.

So how do we keep the forward momentum going in terms of the gains we have already made and avoid any regressive slippage?

First order of business is to vote, vote, vote.    You vote is your political voice.   Even if corporations and foreign entities are pumping truckloads of cash into this election cycle for GOP candidates, the foreign entities can't vote on November 2 and you can.

In addition to that the CEO of a corporation or a K Street lobbyist gets the same number of ballots you get as well when it's time to vote:  one ballot.

Next to voting is doing something to help move our community forward.   It can range form volunteering in an organization to sitting on the board of directors or just telling your story to friends and neighbors.     

We all have a part to play in doing what we can to turn the negativity directed at transpeople around and winning hearts and minds.

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