Monday, October 18, 2010

Introducing Pamela Hayes

If it's one thing I've not been shocked or surprised by, it's the wealth of talented people that comprise the African descended trans community.

One of those persons is author Pamela Hayes.   She is the author of four novels.  The Other Women: A Story Of Three Transsexuals, The Lie, Sex And the Single Transsexual, and Shattered Dreams: An African American Family Story.

Pamela's books not only have trans characters in them, they are available online.   From time to time you'll see her insightful commentary pop up in various places on the Web and here at TransGriot.

Pam is also one of our sisters who transitioned in her teens.  She is a proud happily married transwoman of African descent who protects her privacy, and has a lot of wisdom and insights to offer the community..      

With the rise in TBLG suicides and bullying, our kids need to know about trans people like her that you don't hear much about but who are living successful lives.

Pamela Hayes is someone who definitely fits that description, and I'm looking forward to seeing her next novel whenever it comes out .    

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