Friday, October 15, 2010

Houston Federal Hearing on Bullying Issue Monday

TransGriot Note: There are many reasons the local wingers here hate on my congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. Not only has she been a tireless advocate for the city and warrior for POC issues, she's been supportive of LGBT issues as well.    Here's a press release for an upcoming local federal level hearing on bullying.


Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee Holds a Local-Federal Hearing on the Growing Nationwide and Local Epidemic of Bullying to Call for Passage of a Federal Anti-Bullying Statute Along with a Local Response

“The problem of bullying has been a persistent issue for years but has now become a national crisis. Newspaper headlines and news broadcasts across our Nation have been flooded with chilling stories about victims of bullying. This local-federal hearing will be an opportunity to hear from Houstonians in order to help establish national solutions.”

WHO:                             The Honorable Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee
                                        Council Member Al Hoang, Houston City Council
                                        Parents of victims of bullying
                                        Additional Local, State and Federal Representatives
                                        Representatives from Houston School Districts
                                        Representatives from Local Law Enforcement
                                        Experts on Children, Education, Mental Health, and Social Services

WHAT:                       A Local-Federal hearing on Bullying where local, state, and federal officials can come together with schools, law enforcement, experts on bullying, parents and students to facilitate an important hearing about bullying and come up with solutions to address this growing national crisis. Witnesses will provide testimony on the impact of bullying while calling for help.

WHEN:                         Monday, October 18, 2010; 4:00 – 7:00pm CDT
WHERE:                        Houston City Hall, Council Chamber, Second Floor
                                      900 Bagby Street, Houston, TX
                                      Parking Behind the City Hall Annex

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