Sunday, October 17, 2010

STRAP Chair Profiled In Philippine Magazine

I'm fortunate to be able to count STRAP chairwoman Naomi Fontanos as one of my international friends.   She's all that and three bags of chips as we say in the 'hood.

Naomi has been the STRAP chair since 2009 and the creative force behind the PinayTG blog    She is one serious lady that I enjoy chatting with.   Then again, that's true for many of our transpinay sisters I've had the pleasure of talking to about various issues trans and non-trans and having the honor of calling my friends..

While perusing the STRAP blog it was interesting to read an article published in the August issue of a Filipino men's magazine about transpinays featuring her and I thought I'd share it with you loyal TransGriot readers as well.  .   

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