Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Miss Major!

I had the pleasure of meeting her in conjunction with the Transsistahs-Transbrothas conference in 2005 and our paths crossed again in 2008 in Northampton, MA when she was the Grand Marshal for the inaugural trans pride event held there.

Today, I'm taking a moment to respectfully bow in the direction of the Bay Area (or wherever her travels are taking her at the moment) and wish Miss Major a very happy birthday. 

She is one of the few African descended Stonewall Rebellion veterans still walking in this plane of existence and is a living legend for us.  She's had an interesting life as someone who transitioned in the 1950's, was a member of the Mattachine Society, and has been a tireless advocate for the rights and humane treatment of trans prisoners.  In 2008 she testified to the United Nations about the mistreatment of trans people of color in the United States and continues to be an eloquent spokesperson and one of my role models as an advocate for our issues.

Happy birthday Miss Major!  Enjoy your day and may you have many more to continue telling your story to all of us within the sound of your voice.

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