Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dan Savage, You Ain't The Only Person Who's Pissed

One of the things that really irritates me and the Black GLBT /SGL community to no end is watching privileged white gay men like Dan Savage and John Aravosis continue their one man attacks on President Obama because the White House isn't moving fast enough for their tastes on the GLBT political agenda that's stalled due to congressional inaction.

So you're pissed because you can't get married right now, DADT and DOMA weren't repealed before the 2012 midterms and is still stuck in the Senate and other grievances du jour that haven't in your vanilla flavored privileged mind been addressed..  

Take a number in the civil rights line.   My peeps have been agitating for over 400 years and are still fighting.  We transpeople are fighting tooth and nail just to get recognized as human beings and to get our basic constitutional civil rights.  It was people who share your ethnic background who fought tooth and nail to cut trans people us out of any TBLG rights bills that popped up any time legislators summoned the political courage to pass them.  

And don't even part your lips to say this president hasn't done anything for the GLBT community or it's just 'crumbs'.   As far as the trans end of the community is concerned, President Obama is the best ever.

This president signed a Hate Crimes law that Bushie boy vetoed and has made policy changes that benefit me and the entire GLBT rainbow, not just you and your friends..  

If you, other white gay male Obama critics such as John Aravosis and other white run GL organizations such as GetEqual would spend as much time hurling vitriol and aiming protests at the Republicans who are actually oppressing you as you do slamming and protesting President Obama, maybe the agenda would start moving again and you'd actually have people of color wishing to help push and promote it.  

But you don't, you won't and I'm not expecting any change from your 'Hate on Obama' antics anytime soon because many of you aspire to be like the Republicans who oppress you.. .   

You're pissed, Dan?  So is the Black TBLG community.and our allies at your transphobic, not so cute and nekulturny behavior.  It may make you a hero to some people in the GLBT community, but not to us.  

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