Sunday, October 31, 2010

TransGriot Halloween Posts

Happy Halloween, People!

I'm back home for my first Halloween in a decade, but it also means that for the first time in nine years I'm going to miss all the fun on Hillcrest Avenue in Louisville.

In addition to scarfing up mass quantities of candy and wearing spooktacular costumes, Halloween has the rep in the GLBT community as the TBLG national holiday.

The ballroom community can trace its roots to the elaborate Harlem Renaissance era drag balls held in New York.  They used to do a big one on Halloween.   Chicago's ballroom community has its South Side roots in the Finnie's Ball that was held on Halloween night starting in 1935. 

It's the one day on the calendar when a cisgender male can put on a dress and people won't bat an eyelash at him.  Let that same cisgender male do it on the other 364 days on the calendar and suddenly it's a problem.

I've written a few Halloween themed posts on the blog, and though I'd give y'all a chance to peruse them. 

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