Thursday, October 07, 2010

Transphobic DISD School Principal Bars Transteen From Running For Homecoming Queen

Here we go again.  First Oak Reed in Michigan gets a homecoming king crown stripped from him, and now a trans girl in Dallas is barred from even attempting to run.for the North Dallas HS homecoming queen crown

“I do feel like I’m being harassed and I feel like I’m being discriminated against,” 18 year old North Dallas senior Andy Moreno told Dallas' Fox 4 News.  “I feel like the principal is embarrassed to have a transgender queen.”  

Moreno transitioned during her junior year and was nominated by her supportive classmates for the honor.   The election was held at North Dallas High earlier this week with the results being announced October 16.     

"I don't have anyone that doesn't want me to run, the only people that have a problem with it is the administration," she said in a Fox 4 interview. "I was told by one of the counselors that I should prepare myself because a lot of the administration has a problem with me running."

Moreno immediately spoke to first year North Dallas High School principal Dinnah Escanilla for support with the nomination and was told by her she should run for homecoming king instead of homecoming queen.

Moreno says she doesn’t feel comfortable running for homecoming king because she identifies as a female, and her friends support her.   

The Dallas Independent School District says it has no formal policy on the issue, but DISD spokesperson Sandra Guerrero issued a statement saying: “The district fully supports the decision of the principal at North Dallas High School. It should be noted that the Dallas Independent School District is proud to have one of the most aggressive anti-harassment policies among school districts in the state of Texas.”

Yeah, right.   . 

So let North Dallas HS principal Dinnah Escanilla know how you feel about this injustice.  Please be respectful while doing so.   E-mail is     The fax number is (972) 925-1501

While you're at it, you might as well hit up DISD superintendent Dr.Michael Hinojosa as well.  (972) 925-3700

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