Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dude, You Ain't All That

A couple of days ago I walked up to the Original Timmy Chan's up the street from the house without my other face on to grab some wings.

As I was headed across the parking lot toward the restaurant front door noted a group of guys piling into a beat up Explorer and the driver staring at me.   He wasn't all that, but just to be polite I waved and kept walking.  He delayed his entrance into his vehicle to get a better look at me and as I passed and made eye contact his smile turned into a frown. 

I just rolled my eyes at him and kept the door of Timmy Chan's so I could get my food and get back to the house as expeditiously as possible.

So why is it that when you encounter us transwomen in the street, some of you 'menzes'  start tripping?
There are times when I am out and about, the last thing on my mind is finding a date for the weekend.

There are days in which I'm trying to handle my own business and have a long to do list to whittle stuff off of and as shocking as this may be to some of you men who think transwomen are desperate to have any man, we have standards just like our cis sisters.    One of those standards is no scrubs need apply.

We also have days in which when we're trying to knock out our to do lists, finding a trifling azz transphobic man is not on the agenda.

So for you transphobic men out there, the ones who are legends in your own mind or think you're Boris Kodjoe and you're more like an Boris Oh No, back up off me and my sisters because dude, you ain't all that.

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