Wednesday, October 20, 2010

15 Albums In 15 Minutes

My participation in chain style postings on Facebook is about as rare as KFC being served at a PETA convention.   But this time resistance was futile to this one because it appeals to the music snob in me.

I was asked by my Newfie transplant friend Paula on September 4 to compile a list of fifteen albums I'd heard that will always stick with me for whatever reason, but only had fifteen minutes to do so.   Then I had to tag fifteen friends after compiling my list .

Here are the albums I chose:

1. Funkentelechy vs Placebo Syndrome Parliament
2. Risque-Chic
3. Off The Wall-Michael Jackson
4. Fear Of A Black Planet-Public Enemy
5. The Clarke Duke Project-George Duke and Stanley Clarke
6. Open Mind- Jean-Luc Ponty
7. Purple Rain-Prince
8. Go For Your Guns-Isley Brothers
9. Born To Sing-EnVogue
10. Songs In The Key Of Life- Stevie Wonder
11. Who Is Jill Scott-Jill Scott
12. Bad Girls-Donna Summer
13. We Are Family-Sister Sledge
14. All n All-Earth,Wind and Fire
15. The Right Stuff-Vanessa Williams

Hey, I only had fifteen minutes, so stop tripping.   I spent my teen years in the 70's and Saturdays watching Soul Train in what is arguably the Golden Age for music.    

So if you can do better, post your list of 15 songs in 15 minutes in the comment thread below.   I'm interested to see what you loyal TransGriot readers come up with.   

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