Friday, October 22, 2010

Victoria Carmen White Update

There's a welcome update in the Victoria Carmen White saga    According to CNN  two suspects have been identified and police are searching for them.

Victoria's murder is also being investigated as a bias crime. 

The Maplewood, NJ police are looking for 25year old Marquise L. Foster, of North Plainfield and 23 year old Alrashim N. Chambers, of Newark, NJ.  

To help expedite their capture, Garden State Equality is offering a $2000 reward for informtion that leads to one or both of these wastes of DNA being apprehended.

We also have more details as to the events leading up to White's September 12 death.   

Assocring to Essex County Prosecutior's Office spokesperson Katherine Carter, suspects Foster and Chambers met White at an Irvington, NJ nightclub,  then returned with her and two other people to the Maplewood, NJ apartment "to continue partying."    An altercation occurred and White was killed."

Foster, of North Plainfield, is described as about 5-feet, 6-inches tall and weighing 130 pounds; Chambers, of Newark, is 5-feet, 10-inches and approximately 165 pounds.

Okay Jersey peeps, if you see these guys, give the Essex County or Maplewood po-po's a call.   There's $2000 dollars in it for you and the gratitude of the friends, family and all who loved Victoria Carmen White.

And once these peeps are caught, Victoria will be one step closer to receiving justice.

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