Sunday, October 24, 2010

Recharging The Batteries Day

I'm having one of those days where I'm experiencing   a little bit of writer's block and just need to clear my head. 

Considering I've had four consecutive months in which I've written over 100 TransGriot posts and I'm on track to do it again, it's probably understandable why I'm feeling that way. 

Usually when writer's block strikes for me, I step away from the computer for a while and that cures the problem.   You can bet that before these 24 hours are up I'll be inspired to write something about the issues of the day.  

I have six posts that are in various stages of completion, but I just felt weren't at the quality level for a TransGriot post I demand of myself.   So I'll do what I always do in that situation.

I'll set them side and look at them again in a few hours.   By that time somebody will write something somewhere either on Facebook or Twitter that will either piss me off or make me say 'what in Hades were you thinking?'   I may also get one of those 'aha' moments after engaging in hard, solid thinking that makes perfect sense,.fits into the theme of the post I was compiling and allow me to

Thanks for your patience and will have some fresh content up ASAP.

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