Monday, October 11, 2010

National Coming Out Day 2010

The last two weeks have been trying ones for the TBLGI community in terms of politicians flapping their gums while uttering anti-gay statements, an epidemic of teen suicides, and hate violence happening in New York

Despite all the drama of the last few weeks, time marches on and today is National Coming Out Day.

It was established in1988 as a way for the community to encourage people to be their BTLG selves and live their lives openly and proudly as a result of doing so.  It is also celebrated internationally in Switzerland, Canada, Germany, Croatia, Poland and the United Kingdom.

As y'all know by perusing this blog and my FB page, I'm so far out and outspoken it would take the 2nd Armored Division to shove me back into the closet, and that ain't happening.     

As an African descended transwoman living her life openly and honestly I am keenly aware of the fact that I'm busting stereotypes everywhere I go.  While I am striving to lead by example, and serve as an inspiration in some cases to other transwomen who share my ethnic heritage, I'm human.  From time to time I will make a mistake or two as I navigate my own ongoing feminine journey while serving as an inspiration for you to begin yours.

With all this drama going on, we need more transpeople of color to stand up, come out, live their lives openly, proudly without shame and guilt and be drum majors for trans justice and freedom we need.

Happy National Coming Out Day!.

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