Thursday, October 21, 2010

Virginia, It's Clarence Thomas Who Needs To Apologize

I rolled my eyes in disgust when I heard that Virginia Thomas' wallowing in vanilla flavored privilege behind  arrogantly demanded an apology from Professor Anita Hill for her testimony during Uncle Thomas confirmation hearings that nearly sunk his 1991 Supreme Court nomination.

Virginia, if anyone needs to apologize,  it's your honorary white man husband (Pat Buchanan's words, not mine) for being an Oreo cookie chomping embarrassment to the Supreme Court and the proud judicial legacy of Justice Thurgood Marshall.

Clarence Thomas is a walking insult to the proud legal tradition of African American lawyers, judges, jurists  and legal scholars. 

As a matter of fact, since you made it quite clear where your loyalties lie with your voting in lock step with Antonin Scalia's behind record, we needed to yank your Black Card and do a discommendation ceremony for you years ago. 

Yeah, you have a lifetime appointment, but you will go down in history as one of the worst judges in Supreme Court history and one who is reviled by his own people.

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