Friday, October 22, 2010

President Obama-It Gets Better

When the 'It Gets Better' campaign started, the President's white gay haters started griping because in their estimation, he hadn't spoken out on this bullying issue in a timely enough fashion for them.

Now that this video is out, they have flipped the script and are bitching because he HAS done one.  


This is the kind of wishy-washy flip-flopping crap that exasperates and pisses of the African-American TBLG/SGL community and our allies.  You give this president no credit, time, or wiggle room to advocate on behalf of this community, but you gave the previous two occupants more than enough slack to do so, make mistakes or sat silently in the corner as the GOP one screwed you.

Make up your fracking minds.  Either you wanted him to do an anti-bullying video or you didn't .

Now that I've finished venting, here's the POTUS.

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