Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Notice to the Midland School Board Directors, Arkansas

TransGriot Note:  Guest contributor Maureen Hennessey points out to homophobic school board member Clint McCance  that he may have just exposed the school board he sits on to serious legal trouble if violence against a LGBT child happens in this district or a TBLG child attending school or living in the district does so

He wrote comments on his FB page in response to last week's purple wearing Spirit Day as saying gay kids should 'kill themselves'

Gentlemen of Midland, Consider yourselves placed upon notice 

Whereas a Director of your incorporated governmental unit has advocated for the death of LGBT students and whereas the deaths of LGBT students under dire circumstances as the result of policy and/or neglect by the directors and administrators of the responsible incorporated governmental units/school districts are a matter of public record and national concern, I hereby serve notice that any acts of violence against LGBT students or any action against LGBT students that result causally in self destructive acts shall be considered by myself and nearly every other litigator in the United States as the result of policy, desire and intent enunciated by one of the policy making directors of said incorporated governmental unit known as the Midland School District and that liabilities of a financial nature, both remunerative and punitive, are perforce substantially higher under USCA standards and applicable Federal case law, with a "Hate Crimes" modifier also attaching in terms of possible criminal remedies.

In other words, if anything happens to another LGBT student at Midland, you are all soooooooooo screwed.

Maureen Eileen Hennessey LL.B., LL.M., PhD. Q.C.

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