Saturday, September 26, 2009

What I Wrote is EXACTLY What I'm Thinking

No matter how many time I say that what I write is what I'm thinking at the moment I penned the piece, too many times I'll get people who will try to decipher it as if I typed my words on a World War II era Enigma code machine.

The header on this blog states:

News, opinions commentary and a little creative writing from an African-American transwoman about the world around her.

While I'm happy that peeps think my writing is valuable enough to read, pontificate on and peruse, I'm not kidding when I say that I'm blunt and straight to the point about putting my thoughts down in this blog.

That means whatever I'm thinking about concerning the issues of the day is what gets fashioned into a post and goes up on TransGriot (or whatever blog I'm posting to) at that particular time and date.

You can't read my mind. If you have that ability, I suggest you call up the feds, have them pay you a seven figure salary and give you a high level security clearance. That way your abilities can be used to serve the country as you read the minds of various world leaders and our enemies.

So don't go off on some wild tangent about what you think I said or get it twisted.

What I wrote is exactly what I'm thinking.

That's a starting point for healthy debate and discussion about those issues whether you agree or disagree with the conclusions I came up with.

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