Sunday, September 06, 2009

I Like Meat, I Eat Meat!

Since it's a holiday weekend here in the States, it has me thinking about home and weekends past while I'm enjoying the smorgasbord of college football that been on the tube.

It's Labor Day weekend here, and one of the things we Texans absolutely love doing on a regular basis besides watch football is chow down on barbecue.

Whether it's done over a barbecue pit at home, a friends house or we're dining out at our favorite barbecue place, we consume a lot of beef in the Lone Star State.

My love of beef and other meats such as chicken and fish sometimes brings me into conflict with my vegan friends. While I love hanging out with them and respect their choices they've made for their lives, they also as a condition of having me in their lives as a friend have to deal with my choices as well.

I chow down on burgers, ribs or brisket. I love scarfing down some chicken and enjoy eating seafood.

I'm a Texan who likes meat and I'm not planning on giving it up anytime soon.

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Mykell said...

It's so easy to have hamburgers and veggie burgers and nonjudgmentally serve both