Saturday, September 19, 2009

Archie Gets Married

I mentioned that as a kid I loved reading Archie Comics. I not only am an Archie fan, I also like Josie and the Pussycats as well.

I was even surprised to discover there was a trans themed storyline in Issue 516 which Mrs. Andrews imagines what it would be like if Archie had been born a girl.

Well, the news broke in May that the love triangle that has fueled the sales of Archie comics for over 70 years was taking a new turn starting with Issue 600.

Archie decided that he was going to marry Veronica, and that story is going to play out over a six episode arc.

Well, my roomie read the post I'd written about my love of the Archie comics.

When Issue 600 hit the stands a few weeks ago, I was surprised to come home from work after a very crappy day and find that issue sitting on top of my computer keyboard.

Well, whatever leftover pissivity I had about my jacked up day melted as I settled into a chair and read that issue.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Issue 600 but I really felt for Betty. She now has to deal with the reality that her rival snagged the guy she wanted.

At the same time Archie confesses to Jughead, who was with Betty when she witnessed the proposal, that Betty was the first person he met when his family moved to Riverdale.

To add to her shock over witnessing the engagement, Betty is asked by Veronica to be her maid of honor.

I just picked up Issue 601, which chronicles Archie and Veronica's wedding, the hype leading to it and even the conversation that Archie and Betty had prior to it happening.

It also skips ahead a year at the end of their honeymoon to Archie dealing with his workday life in his father-in-law's company and Veronica making an interesting announcement.

I won't spoil the surprise that's at the end of Issue 601, and we still have four issues in this six issue story arc yet to go.

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