Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm ALWAYS Ready For Some Football

I've written more than a few posts on this blog about my love of football.

It's the state religion of Texas, and whether it's high school, college or pro, a Texan doesn't care. I was in heaven last week enjoying the smorgasbord of college football games during Labor Day weekend.

It's part of our DNA to love the sport no matter what gender we are and a major piece of Texas culture.

One of the things I do miss about home (besides my favorite creole seasoned chicken) is Texas high school football.

Tonight the NFL season kicks off with a game between the defending NFL champion Pittsburgh Steelers and the Tennessee Traitors (oops, Titans).

Yeah, I have the Houston Texans to root for, but I still have my hate on about Bud's shady move of the Oilers to Nashville.

You have to be an original Cleveland Browns fan to understand why I won't let it go.

I grew up not only watching high school football from the stands (Go JJ Falcons) and the press boxes of the various HISD stadiums, but watching the Texas Southern University Tigers do battle with their SWAC opponents from the Astrodome and Rice Stadium press boxes as well.

The Dome press box buffet had some slamming chicken and roast beef. To me as a kid, bottomless soda cups were the best part of it.

Nah, actually it was watching those high stepping SWAC bands at the TSU games like the Ocean of Soul.

I also remember being envious (and jealous) when the Prairie View Black Foxes majorettes and TSU's Oceanettes sashayed their fine brown frames into the press box for on-air interviews to rep their schools.

I watched my beloved Cougars as a fan and later a UH student repeatedly beat the hell out of the Texas Longhorns during their days in the Southwest Conference.

Those SWC beatdowns are probably why we're not in the Big 12 now. Texas being responsible for UH not getting into the Big 12 is a major reason why I gleefully enjoy every loss for that Austin based burnt orange wearing college football team.

So yeah, I'm ALWAYS ready for some football. I'll be parked in front of my TV with my popcorn watching tonight's game and a few others from now until the BCS Championship Game and Super Bowl Sunday.

And note to the Houston Texans. Can y'all do better than 8-8 and at least make it to the NFL playoffs this year?

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