Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Love Jeopardy!

Jeopardy! is one of my favorite game shows.

It was a NBC show that debuted on March 30, 1964 with Art Fleming as its host. I used to watch it back in the day until it went off the air in 1975.

Jeopardy! was revived and debuted in its current format on September 10, 1984 with host Alex Trebek. It is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the revival during the 2008-09 television season.

I am such a fan of the show I bought the computer version of it a few years ago, and beat it down to win $26,000 virtual dollars.

Like all Jeopardy! fans I play along and try to answer the questions before the contestants do. I got so good at it that one day during my airline days I was competing with one of my coworkers Rick Owen. At that time Jeopardy! came on in Houston at 3;30 PM and we had a break during that period.

Both of us were in such a zone that day the rest of the peeps in the ticket counter breakroom where were we matched up in this battle of wits would wait for one of us to speak before they would chime in with their answer.

After it was over, my co workers offered to take up a collection for me and Oscar's (Rick's nickname) hotel bills so that we could fly to LA and break the Jeopardy! bank.

Yeah yeah, I know. Geek moment. But I saw it (and still do) as an excellent opportunity to test and hone my knowledge.

And yeah, I like Alex Trebek as the host.

I actually tried to audition for Jeopardy! when they had contestant searches in Houston and Louisville. There were 3,000 people at the Houston one and 2,500 at the one they held here in Louisville and I unfortunately had to be at work on the days they held them.

I know they are looking for African descended contestants on the show, so maybe I'll pursue that dream of appearing on Jeopardy and taking out Ken Jennings record.

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