Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

Happy New Year TransGriot readers! 

2013 is done, finished, exited stage left and is going to be consigned to our receding memories and discussion for future historians.

For the international trans community and my African-American trans brothers and sisters in the United States, it was a good news bad news kind of year.   

For those of us living in this moment, January 1, 2014 is not just some nebulous date, it's our today and our reality.  The question we have to look ourselves in the mirror and ask ourselves is what are we going to do to make the year 2014 a better one for us than 2013 turned out to be?   That's a question we need to ask ourselves not just on January 1, but for the other 364 days that will comprise this year as well. 

So as we take the opportunity to revel in the optimism that permeates this day, and in some cases get over last night's New Year's Eve party hangovers, let's take a moment to thank God or whatever you call the higher power that you are alive to witness another New Year's Day.

And let's make one new year's resolution that will be fairly easy for you to keep   Let's resolve that we will be better human beings tomorrow than we were when this day started, and strive to be a better human being on January 3 than you were on January 2.

To my trans brothers and trans sisters, one thing we should resolve to do in 2014 is continue to keep striving to not only build community with each other, but expand human rights for ourselves and others. 

Let's ensure that our beloved trans community leaves this year in 364 days in better shape human rights wise than when we entered it.

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