Thursday, January 09, 2014

Moni's TDL Test Today

Y'all know I absolutely hate the Texas voter ID suppression law that Greg Abbott and his GOP friends have been pimping since 2011, and I got ensnared in it as I have attempted since May 2013 to exchange my Kentucky drivers license for a Texas one. 

And yeah, pending this driving test, I'm going to take out my anger at the GOP at the polls for all the Republican inspired drama and so far $107 in fees, expenses and unnecessary drama I've gone through just to get a Texas drivers license   

Well, after taking and passing the written test in October, I've had to reschedule the driving portion of it twice due to people flaking out on me at last minute.  I have a looming January 19 deadline to complete that part of it otherwise I forfeit the $25 I've already plunked down and have to start the licensing process from scratch.

So wish me luck.  My ability to vote in the 2014 election cycle depends on me passing this driving test.

No pressure.

TransGriot Update:  Passed with a score of 94, so I have my Texas DL until the end of the decade.  Lost points for forgetting to signal after successfully completing my parallel park, nose of car being past a stop sign pole and driving 10 mph too slowly in a 30 MPH zone.

Be afraid Texas GOP, be very afraid of the wrath of Moni.  Electoral payback is coming. 

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