Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Jamaican Bobsledders Are Back

There another reason I'll be watching the Sochi Olympic Games in a few weeks. besides women's hockey and hoping Shani Davis threepeats in the 1000m speed skating .

For the first time since 2002, the Jamaican bobsled team will be in the house and attempting to win a medal.

Their two man squad of Winston Watts and Marvin Dixon qualified to compete in Sochi which was the easy part. 

The hard part is getting the $80,000 they need to get to Sochi.   They wanted to enter a four man sled but funding cutbacks caused them to drop that and focus on the two man competition.

Hopefully the Jamaican Olympic Committee combined with some corporate sponsors will help them get the funding they need and be in Sochi in time to compete on February 16-17.

Because the world definitely wants to see Cool Runnings The Sequel, and Watts and Dixon deserve a chance to not only be there for the opening ceremonies in Sochi, but have the opportunity to at least compete for their country at the Winter Games.

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