Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Naw Bryan, You're The One That Needs Prayer

bryan-fischerBryan Fischer went off the deep end again and launched into another Two Minute Hate against trans people on his radio propaganda show. for the SPLC certified hate group the American Fascist Family Association..

Fischer's latest transphobic rant was inspired by FOX Noise's "Dr." Keith Ablow hatin' on California's School Success and Opportunity Act.

He took to the airwaves to declare that transgenderism and trans people in his words are a 'lie of Satan' and can be 'cured' through consistent prayer.

Yeah right.  Look how well praying to Conservagod has worked to cure SGL people all these years.  Does Exodus and their failed faith-based gay to straight conversion programs ring a bell?  So what makes you think that those will work on transpeople any better than they did on gays and lesbians? 

Frankly Bryan, I see you and your conservative buddies as....help me Church Lady

Now where was I?   The Scriptures are also very clear that 'Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor'.  But as usual you white male conservafools will cherry pick scriptures.  You will also do and say anything for ratings to keep those donations from your useful conservafools pouring in and to pump up the AFA's flaccid political influence.

Let's talk about that so-called science you used to buttress your anti-trans rant. It obviously didn't come from the American Psychological Association, the World Professional Association For Transgender Health, The American Medical Association, and reputable doctors who have been doing research on gender issues for decades such as UCLA's Dr. Eric Vilain

Your 'scientific research' smells more like you pulled it out of yours or Keith Ablow's anuses to buttress your facts free transphobic rant.  You are already a known serial transphobic bully who has less credibility discussing trans issues as the TERF's do. 

The only broken clock moment you had in that entire broadcast was saying that God doesn't make mistakes. 

You're absolutely right because God made transpeople, and we are part of the diverse mosaic of human life on Planet Earth.

The only person who needs prayer here is you and your misguided friends at the American Family Association, and you need to have several seats and a nice tall glass of STHU.

And one other thing.  You need Jesus, too. 

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