Friday, January 10, 2014

Shut Up Fool Awards-First Week of 2014 Edition

Even though we are only ten days into 2014, this was the first full week of the New Year. 

And yes, we have had a bumper group of fools for me to wade through already, especially since Congress in now back in session and it is a midterm election year.  

I know you're chomping at the bit to see who gets this week's Shut Up Fool award, so let's get started.

Honorable Mention number one goes to the Denton County Republican Party for continuing to push sexist and racist attacks against Sen. Wendy Davis and Sen. Leticia Van de Putte

As my fellow NFL prognostication colleague Michael Watts said, stay classy Denton County GOP.  The more you pimp the 'Abortion Barbie' line against Sen Davis, the more moderate suburban white female voters you'll drive to her camp.  The more you kepp pushing the 'Barrio Boopsie' or emphasize her Latina heritage, the more Latin@ you'll lose.      

Honorable Mention number two goes to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) who actually parted his lips to say in that two hour press conference earlier to day that 'he wasn't a bully' as he scrambled to save his rump and 2016 presidential primary prospects from the unfolding George Washington Bridge scandal.

The New Jersey teachers unions would beg to differ

Honorable Mention number three is Art Laffer, who called the minimum wage during a recent Fox Noise appearance the 'black teenage unemployment act'.

Honorable Mention number four is federal Judge Edith Jones, the Reagan appointee to the Fifth Circuit court who said during a recent three judge panel hearing on the unjust abortion clinic bill that women in the Rio Grande Valley need to 'drive faster".    This vanillacentric privileged bigot is also under judicial review for saying that Black and latinos are 'predisposed to crime. 

This week's Shut Up Fool award goes to Dennis Rodman for his latest episode of Cooning In Up In North Korea. 

During this fourth trip to the isolated nation to play a basketball game on Kim Jong Un's January 8 birthday at a ski resort that has already drawn the ire of human rights activists, Rodman opened his mouth and inserted his sneakers in it by insinuating in an obscenity laced tirade that imprisoned US missionary Kenneth Bae 'must have done something wrong' to be imprisoned by his 'good buddy' Kim Jong Un. 

The National Basketball Retired Players Association also called out Rodman and stated they did not support or sanction this game due to the poor human rights record of North Korea. 

Rodman then retracted the statement about Bae and claimed he was drunk after the condemnation swiftly came from Bae's family and a long list of critics.  

Dennis Rodman's North Korean hijinks aren't humorous, and may have complicated the diplomatic efforts of the United States to get Bae out of that country.

Dennis Rodman, in addition to being bestowed with the first Negro Iz U Sirius Award?!! for 2014, shut up fool!

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