Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hey John, The SA Coke App Likes These "T' Words

AmericaBlog is one of the gay oriented sites I avoid like I do Vidor, TX on any drive I make on I-10 east because of the transphobia that pops up in its comment threads.

I'm also still pissed off at John Aravosis for his loud and wrong attempt to race bait last year when the marriage equality bill in the Illinois House failed and he tried to blame the Black legislative caucus in that state for it.

Well what do you know, Aravosis has had a broken clock moment. 

There is an app on a South African based Coke website that allows you to 'share a virtual Coke' with people by typing your own name on it or someone else's name..

Aravosis pointed out in a post on his blog that the app won't let you type in the word 'gay'.  So just for fun I went to the website and typed in the word 'transgender' to see what would happen.

The pic gracing this post is the result.   Now trans* with the asterisk won't go through but trans without it will.  So will the words 'transwoman' and 'transman'

'Lesbian'  goes through as well..

So all you folks with time on your hands who want to have mischievous fun playing with the app, try testing the limits of it and seeing what will and won't go through on it

But so far, the South African Coke app definitely likes the 'T' community.    

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