Sunday, January 12, 2014

GOP Hate Speech Aimed At Iconic Hawaiian Trans Teacher

If you had any doubts that the Republican Party would be cranking up the War On Transwomen in the 2K14, here's another example of it coming from the sunny shores of the Hawaiian Islands..

In the wake of them losing badly in trying to stop the implementation of marriage equality legislation in the Aloha State, the sore losers in the Hawaii Republican Party sharpened their attacks on the   māhū and trans* community there.

In their attempt to attack Hawaii's Pono Choices sex education program aimed at grades 6-8, Tito Montes, the president of the Hawaii Republican Assembly let his transphobic flag fly and attacked respected Hawaii trans leader Hina Wong-Kalu 

Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL

They viciously misgendered her despite the obvious feminine presentation to the contrary and her legal status as a married woman.  They referred to a woman fluent in the Hawaiian language and a cultural icon who has chanted for innumerable important occasions in the islands, including the most recent opening of the Hawaii State Legislature as a "transvestite drag queen."

Wong-Kalu responded to the unprovoked GOP hate attacks by posting a debate challenge to Montes on the HIRA Facebook page.

I challenge the Hawaii Republican Assembly to a public engage on my culture, history and language in Olelo Hawaii, the language of this land. If you are so bold as to speak of my life with no knowledge or understanding of me then you should address me directly. Your perspectives and perceptions are simply unfounded notions which have no bearing on you nor indicative of my capabilities at that thus you should engage me face to face. And although my life's roles and responsibilities are now acknowledged as my family's daughter and sister, you freely refer to me using male gender pronouns because of your inability to cope with the reality of another who never attacked you or said one negative thing about your organization. And since you refer to me as a man well then man up and engage me in a public political forum. And by the way, the intimacies of my family and our relationships and connections are not your business but since you have no other way to defame me you needed to include my brother. I challenge you and I await your answer. Post it to my page if you have the confidence and wherewithal to engage me in my language and challenge me on the basis of my contributions to our community. Good day and aloha to you.
As of yet, no word from Wong-Kalu about whether Montes has accepted the challenge.  I'm betting you'll see a blizzard in Honolulu before the GOP cowards do so.

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