Wednesday, January 08, 2014

AB 1266 Random Sample Validation Deadline Today

My Left Coast transpeople and their allies have their eyes turned toward their state capital of Sacramento awaiting word on whether the transphobic haters efforts to put a repeal effort on the ballot for have successfully made it to the next round of the process or they failed.

Deadline for all 58 California counties to complete the random sample validation is January 8, but hope the supporters have been using their time wisely and setting up their game plan in case this does happen.  

AB 1266 went into effect on January 1, so it is NOT on hold pending the results of the signature count.

And the news so far has been bad for the Forces of Intolerance trying to kill the law.   The Orwellian named Privacy For All Student (PFAS) group needed to gather 504,760 signatures to put the issue on the November 4 ballot, and the PFAS haters verification percentage has been steady at 78.24%   

Even with the Mono and Tulare County petitions that were ordered by a state judge to be checked because they were initially refused because they came in after the Veterans Day weekend deadline didn't help the PFAS haters much.   The Mono County only added 17 signatures to the total and the Tulare County ones added another 3,872.

If that continues to be the case, it means that they will have submitted 484,487 signatures, 20,000 shy of the number needed and the attempt to put AB 1266 on the ballot for repeal will have failed.

We'll find out later this afternoon if that still is the case.

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