Sunday, January 05, 2014

If Closeted TBLG People Are Harming BTLG People's Human Rights, Out 'Em

In the wake of the outing of three more closeted Pink Republicans, the debate has been stirred up in LGBT World once again as to whether it is ethical or moral to do so and whether it harms or helps our rainbow human rights movement.

Here's my take on outing.  If the person in question holds a position of policy making, judicial or legislative power, and is consistently using it to negatively impact the TBLG community while being GLBT themselves, yeah, you need to be outed and called on it.

I have no sympathy for you in this case because
self hating closeted people are problematic.  Self hating closeted people with policy making, legislative or judicial power who consistently use it to negatively impact the human rights of a marginalized group are dangerous to not only themselves, but the marginalized group they are a part of.

Clarence Thomas official SCOTUS portrait.jpgClarence Thomas proves that point for African-Americans every SCOTUS session when he consistently rules with the other four white male conservative justices on cases that negatively impact the human rights of our people   The only thing more galling about (in)Justice Scalia's 'racial entitlement ' comments and Chief Justice Roberts cluelessly stating that the VRA that he's worked for decades to destroy was 'no longer needed' was Thomas' sellout behind voting to eviscerate Section 4 of the VRA.

But for an example of a person from the GLBT community who was in a decision making capability who repeatedly acted in ways to harm the community, you need look no further than Ken Mehlman.

He was Director of the White House Office of Political Affairs from 2001-2005, ran the 2004 GW Bush reelection campaign and was chairman of the Republican Party from 2005-2007 until he came out three years later.  

Despite being gay himself (and he repeatedly denied it while holding those power positions), he pushed the effort to exploit anti-gay animus to cement the alliance of anti-gay conservatives for Republican political gain at the expense of the human rights of LGBT people.

Mehlman was quite aware that Karl Rove was working with other Republicans to put anti-gay referenda and anti-gay marriage amendments on the 2004 and 2006 ballots to cynically increase turnout for those election cycles, but said and did nothing about it.  Worse, he stacked much paper while remaining mute.  

So he came out.  Big fracking deal because the damage has already been done and he's long since cashed his checks for his reprehensible work.  We are going to be spending the next decade or so unraveling the damage to our human rights this self hater caused.  It is time, energy and money that could have been spent focusing on other issues of important to our community.    

So when it comes to people like this who only care about themselves, their personal power, prestige and bank accounts while screwing the rest of us, then yeah, out 'em.

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