Saturday, March 21, 2009

Villager's March 2009 Black Blog Rankings

It's a new month, spring is here, and to the breathless anticipation of the Afrosphere, the Villager has compiled and unveiled his March 2009 edition of the Black Blog Rankings.

Will I get closer to my Top 25 BBR pot of gold, or will I be just looking at the rainbow in the sky from last month's position or worse in the BBR Top 50?

This month the BBR's ranked 1621 blogs, which is an increase of 22 blogs over the last ranking period. The Number One BBR ranked blog is, all together now gang, Pam's House Blend. For the rest of the blogs ranked 2 to 25 and beyond you can click on the rankings link to discover who they are.

As for TransGriot, in last month's rankings I was as of the February 8 compilation date sitting at Number 48 with a Technorati ranking of 150.

So how did I do this month? As of the March 8 compilation date, TransGriot was Number 46 with a Technorati ranking of 150

Talk about the luck of the Irish. I'm chuckling to myself and shaking my head because I had the same Technorati ranking, but GAINED two spots. The good news is that I'm STILL in the BBR Top 50 blogs, but progress toward my goal of a 200 Technorati ranking and a Top 25 BBR by my May 4 birthday has been glacial at best and the clock is ticking.

It's been a frustrating month for me Technorati wise because TransGriot's Technorati ranking has yo-yoed up and down and I know it should be far higher based on the traffic I get. It was as high as 154 at one point and has slid to 146. Since it's based on links people, if you like what I do here at TransGriot, show me the love by linking to the blog.

That still won't deter me from channeling my inner Taurus and continuing to come up with fresh commentary on a wide variety of subjects. You can also hear me run my mouth along with my partner Renee of Womanist Musings on our new twice monthly Blogtalkradio show.

So thank you for spending your valuable blog perusing time here, it's deeply appreciated. Hopefully, when I do next month's BBR post I can report some more substantial forward progress.

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