Monday, March 16, 2009

A Transsistah's Secret- The Boobies

One of the other anxiety driving concerns for transwomen is their breasts.

We're filled with questions such as how will they look? Will they be relatively proportionate? How big will they get and will I need implants if they don't?

Another question transwomen need to be asking is what's my family history for breast cancer?

So to answer the how big question, basically a transwoman's breast development will be the average size of the biowomen in her family. So if the biowomen in your family are C and D cups, you can reasonably anticipate after two years to have that breast size. If the women in your family are A and B cups, you can expect to be applying for membership in the IBTC as well.

So if after two years you're not happy with the growth you're getting, then it's advised that at that point, you can investigate getting implants done.

One thing I don't support is injecting free silicone in them to get the desired size. Yeah, you may look 'fishy' and cute today, but when you start getting older that silicone will crystallize into lumps you'll have to get surgically removed.

By the way, if you wish to see what normal and not Hollywood breasts look like, do this at home. Click on the link to this site that has photos of a cross section of women of different ages, ethnic groups at different stages of their life.

And as I already mentioned, Yes, my biosisters, once we transwomen start taking hormones to start our transitions we face a doubled risk for breast cancer. So yes, we need to do self exams on our breasts at regular intervals and once we hit 40, mammograms as well.


VĂ©ro B said...

I've read (in more than once place) that we can hope for one cup size smaller than the women in our family. I don't know if there is a definitive answer on that. Part of it depends on how much fat we are carrying.

Another thing is that we often finish at Tanner Stage 4 development, which means a protruding nipple. Some cis women have this too. Nothing wrong with it, just different from smooth and rounded.

Monica Roberts said...

I have that and actually like it.

I ended up with 34C's, so I was happy with what I was blessed with since some of the women in my family are in the C-D range.

I also knew a few transwomen who naturally ended up as card carrying members of the BBC (Big Breasts Coalition)

sice some of my family meembers are knocking at the door of the BBC (