Saturday, March 21, 2009

Going Out Tonight

In a few hours I'm getting all dressed and glammed up so that I can attend the local ACLU dinner being held at the Muhammad Ali Center in downtown Louisville.

I enjoy these events not only because I'll once again get to rub elbows with the rich, not so rich and famous, the power peeps in town and represent the community at the same time, but I get an opportunity to actually wear some of these nice clothes I have in my closet

Most of my working life I've been in jobs in which I've had to wear uniforms. While I don't mind it and that saves me on one hand from clothing wear and tear and the 'what do I wear to work?' quandaries, on the other hand I inherited the fashion diva gene from my mom that she passed on to my sister as well.

There are times I do envy the sisters that get to wear their own clothes to work. I get to check out their individual senses of style, good and bad and get ideas that I may want to try for myself.

I also have a constant stream of catalogs coming to the house from various stores for me to peruse that I check out as well to add to my mini Imelda Marcos sized shoe collection.

Yes, as I've said here on many occasions, femininity is about more than the clothes, it's a lifetime journey of discovery.

But I'll ponder some of those questions later. Time to get my glam on.


VĂ©ro B said...

Bet you looked great too!

Monica Roberts said...

It was an interesting night, but I couldn't eat 2/3's of the meal because I was allergic to one of the ingredients in the salad and the soup.

But did get to schmooze with the peeps I need to see.