Monday, March 02, 2009

Lather, Rinse and Obey!

After checking out the conservahijinks at last weekend's CPAC convention in Washington DC, it made me wonder if Dr. Drakken's brainwashing shampoo was handed out to the convention attendees.

That's a nice segue into my latest song rewrite. Since new GOP chair Michael Steele wants to do 'hip hop outreach', thought I'd help the brother out and poke fun at him, the GOP and Rush Limbaugh at the same time.

Shego, give me a beat.

Rappin' Rushbo
(sung to the tune of Rappin' Drakken)

Yo Yo Yo
Rush Limbaugh rappin' to you
Don't want this country stayin' blue
I know you're wary
'Cause the GOP's scary
And has been hatin' on y'all

Obama ain't no star
Hate his liberal repertoire
I know I'm nerve racking
So quit that yakkin'
Think I'm out?
It's on and crackin'

Femi-Nazis don't listen to my show
It kicks me in my ego
I talk about our plans
Cause you know that I'm da man
I make GOP legislators dance

Come on. oh. eee. gah!

GOP dreams to rule the world
Make a barefoot and pregnant girl
All end in rejection
So after introspection
We're turning our careers in another direction

Thanks to the Obama team
The GOP can't be seen as mean
Would I lie to you?
Or your boo?
I'm tellin' y'all what you have to do

Listen peeps and obey!
Become conservative today!
You may think we're villains
Yo we're just chillin'
Come on, let me hear you say
Listen peeps and obey!
You're a player, just play our way

The GOP can do a rap song
Time to get your vote on
Take some OxyContin and get that cranium rinsed!

For Sheezy it's off the heezey.


T. R Xands said...

Uhh *dies laughing* iluvdit.

Monica Roberts said...

Glad you did. That song when I saw the video just begged for a rewrite.

AJ Plaid said...

bwahahahaha! It needed to be said. On point, Monica!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh. Amazing. My brother and sister-in-law are in Orlando right now, and he is most excited to see the new Kim Possible attraction (he's 26). I'm totally going to have to send him this link.