Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thanks For Linking To TransGriot

Wanted to take a moment to say thank you to my regular readers here who comment (hint, hint) read the posts and link to them. I also thank you peeps who have been kind enough to put me in your link lists on your own blogs or subscribe to RSS feeds, follow me on Twitter or just Googled something and your knowledge search brought you here.

I'm working hard to try to keep this blog informative, fresh and come up with features to maximize your precious web surfing time.

While I'm at it, thanks for all of you who've checked out me and Renee of Womanist Musings new Blog talk radio show. We'll be on the air every two weeks and the next one will take place March 28 at 4 PM EDT. If you missed last Saturday's show, it's now archived on the Blog talk radio site. Just as we do on our respective blogs, we'll be coming up and coming at you with provocative, thoughtful and timely show topics. Our guests will be from inside and outside the blogosphere to discuss the issues we focus on.

So tune in as we 'tell you something good'. We had a lot of fun with our last show and it promises to only get better from here. Me and my broadcast partner also thank the 189 people (and counting) who have already checked out the podcast, and that's great for a first time out of the box debut show. You can also join in the conversation by calling (347) 326-9452 on show days.

TransGriot is a Top 50 BBR blog and a 2008 Weblog Award Best LGBT Blog Finalist, but I'm not resting on my laurels. I want to continue to grow and will need your help to do that. I'm honored by the increasing attention that I'm getting from the womanist/feminist blogs and other sectors of the blogosphere.

I recently had a post linked to on BlogHer, so that was a thrill to see my work there along with Racialicious linking to a few of the transgender themed ones. I also thank Latoya for graciously allowing to post the Not Rape Epidemic post here as well.

Thanks to those of you who have sent me e-mail, it's deeply appreciated, and if you're wondering, I love speaking to groups. Just e-mail me the dates and details.


BiNet USA said...

You're welcome, but it is all of us who should be thanking you for your valuable service to the LGBT Community.

Caroline said...

Ooh, I didn't know you were on Twitter :)

Monica Roberts said...

Thanks to both of you.

Yep, I'm on Twitter.

VĂ©ro B said...

You rock, Lady M! I have the link (and thank you for your link), and whenever there's an opportunity I encourage people to check your blog out. I've tweeted posts sometimes too.

Dennis R. Upkins said...

Thank you so much for doing such wonderful work.