Friday, March 06, 2009

Shut Up Fool! Awards-March Madness Edition

Our annual national basketball orgy of insanity known as March Madness, AKA the NCAA men's and women's basketball tournaments will be kicking off next week. I'll post my predictions as to who I think will go all the way then. In the interim, the conference championship tournaments will be in full effect this weekend and next to determine who gets the automatic bids into the Big Dance.

Speaking of March Madness, it's time for your favorite feature on TransGriot, the Shut up Fool! Awards.

Time to see which fool we pity this week.

This week it was no contest. Michael Steele is our landslide winner. He went on DL Hughley's now cancelled CNN show to call out Rush Limbaugh, then remembered he was on the GOP plantation and had to bow, scrape and apologize to Massa Rush.

Can you say figurehead, boys and girls? Thought you could.

He's also offered slum love to GOP governor Bobby Jindal (last week's SUF Award winner) while saying he's done a freaking awesome job as Louisiana governor.

He's said that government has never created a job, called civil unions "crazy", promised more outreach to "urban-suburban hip-hop settings" via an "off the hook" public relations campaign and gave a shout out to "one-armed midgets."

And that's before we talk about his potential personal scandals. Anybody wanna start taking bets as to how long he'll be running thangs in the GOP when there are GOP party members calling for his resignation?

Michael Steele, shut up fool!


Mes Deux Cents said...

Hi Monica,

Yea D.L. Hughley's show is cancelled!

Michael Steele is as you say a figurehead. A Black fugure head to be exact. The Republicans picked an idiot.

Dennis R. Upkins said...

Poor Mr. Steele,

Silly Negro didn't know his place in the GOP and Rush had to remind him.

Just cause you a house slave don't mean you get to run massah!!!

Renee said...

Apologizing to Rush Limbaugh was one of the worst things that he could have done for his career. How can anyone take him seriously when he is so clearly beholden to that loud mouth arrogant prick. I predict that it is only a matter of time before he is forced to resign. He should have known better than to believe a black man could speak freely and still represent the GOP party.

Monica Roberts said...

Mes Deux
Glad to have you commenting again, you've been missed. So when are you restarting your blog? ;)

Break out the Oreos, it's cookie love time. I found it interesting they sent another Black GOPer after him.

That's what happens when you're trying to prove you're more 'conservative than thou'. You forget you can't get away with the same brazen crap they do.

Gina said...

I wonder if Shirley Temple still needs a dancing partner?

Mes Deux Cents said...


I will post every now and then when the feeling hits me but I doubt if I'll go back to what amounted to full-time blogging.

But I'm still around. :)