Thursday, March 05, 2009

March WOC Blog Carnival

If you loved the Tell It WOC Speak blog carnival and the post I submitted for it that ended up being the featured one, well the March edition should be just as good or even better.

I say that because this time, it'll include one of your posts as a women of color writer. I've already submitted mine to Renee, so if y'all want to be a part of the next one that's on and popping March 15, get those submissions in to her ASAP.

As she stated in the opening paragraph as to why she's having this monthly event,

"In every sphere of life women of colour are marginalized and exploited. Often, when we attempt to engage to change our circumstances we are silenced. This carnival is our attempt to give voice to our shared issues. We have a strong history of activism and organizing and it is in this vein that we have chosen this space to highlight the various ways we have attempted to carve out a niche in the online world. We shall not be silenced, and our dreams shall be realized. We are women of quality and worth.

So get moving, get motivated, get your write on and send those submission before the 12th. Express your thoughts and let the blogosphere hear our voices.

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