Monday, March 09, 2009

Screaming Queens-The Riot At Compton's Cafeteria Documentary

Screaming Queens: The Riot At Compton's Cafeteria is the 2005 documentary produced by Victor Silverman and Susan Stryker about San Francisco's 1966 Compton's Cafeteria riot. It preceded the more famous Stonewall one by three years

Here's a link to more information about it, and enjoy these clips from the documentary.


Gina said...

Whatever tough challenges we face transitioning now is nothing compared to those who transitioned in that era 43 years ago! They were tough cookies and deserve our gratitude, admiration and rejoicing in how they were able to survive. It's my hope we respect them enough that they find supportive communities, love, housing and health care to live in during their "dowagerhood" (I'm not far from there myself). Thanks, ladies, for all your sacrifices.

Monica Roberts said...

We'd better. Someday we'll e their age as well. We damned sure need to be focusing more on senior issues in the GLBT community than we currently spend time on.

genevieve said...

I will always be indebted to those who came before me. As a transgender woman and crossdresser, these pioneers have made me feel proud of this wonderful family.

Monica, you're absolutely right about the need to spend more time on senior issues.

whatsername said...

We studied this in a class last semester, love this doc!