Friday, March 13, 2009

Shut Up Fool! Awards-Friday The 13th Deja Vu Edition

If you're wondering didn't we just have a Friday The Thirteenth last month, yes we did. But since February is only 28 days, it pretty much guaranteed we'd have another one since this isn't a leap year.

And thank God they aren't releasing another Jason/Friday The 13th slasher movie either.

As I mentioned last week, I will post my brackets for the 2009 edition of the NCAA men's and women's tournaments after the selection committee has done its work on Sunday and Monday to set up the brackets.

So it's time to find out which fool we pity (or don't pity) this week.

This week's fool is Kentucky state senator Gary Tapp (R-Shelbyville)

He sponsored an anti-gay adoption bill modeled on the Arkansas one but took it a step further and sought to ban ALL unmarried couples from adopting children or acting as foster parents.

He also admitted in a newspaper interview that he'd never set foot in Family Court, had never talked to the organizations that would be adversely affected by the bill, but admitted he filed it because in his words

"I don’t think those people should be parents. I believe it’s wrong."

He then got Senate Bill 68 to the floor by calling a double secret Senate Legislative Committee meeting in which opponents weren't notified it was happening.

Gary Tapp, shut up fool!


T. R Xands said...

I give a most vehement "SHUT UP FOOL!" to the good senator because it seems we're trying to do the same thing in my state (TN) too. It's spreading damnit! Kids who need parents do NOT need this shit in any state. SHUT UP FOO'!

/i love these. imagining mr t yelling at anyone makes me happy.

FilthyGrandeur said...

it astounds me that idiots like this have power or even say in anything. especially without even doing their homework...i mean, he's basing this on what exactly?

never mind, i think i know...

Frederick said...

I am glad this bill failed. The way he pushed it though was dirty and underhanded because he knew if it was to be debated it would never make it to the floor. The next thing you know they will be going after your legal child that you father or mothered from a previous relationship.

Polar said...

TR, please don't call Tapp the "good senator." Let's say it like it is: Tapp SUCKS!.

Unfortunately, people like this populate the Kentucky General ASSembly.