Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jasmine Guy Videos

Today is Jasmine Guy's birthday, and y'all know how much I loved her in A Different World and just about anything else she was in.

I also own the self titled CD she released in the early 90's. It was produced by Full force and actually had three pretty good songs on it in Try Me, Another Like My Lover and the ballad Just Want To Hold You that hit the R&B charts.

I also love the fact that she was speaking out for GLBT students in this video

So on that note TransGriot readers, Happy Birthday Jasmine and enjoy the music.


Dennis R. Upkins said...

I don't know if you watched Dead Like Me but she starred in it and I read that they're coming out with a movie. Hopefully she'll be in it.

gogojojo said...

I'm becoming a serious fan of Jasmine Guy recently. I always liked her work on a different world but I recently started reading her biography of Afeni Shakur (as in Pac's mama) called Evolution of a Revolutionary. It's interesting for Shakur's life story but also for what it reveals about Guy. It's told as a series of conversations between the two women. I didn't even know Guy wrote. Seriously awesome.

Monica Roberts said...


Didn't get to watch Dead Like Me because it came on on nights I was working. May have to see if there is video uploaded somewhere.

Jo Jo

Jasmine is one seriously multitalented sister.

D.J. said...

You did not like "Everybody knows my name" and "I wish you well?" I thought those two songs were just as good as the other three. I have people who made fun of me for buying the cd but I still pull it out every now and then.....

Monica Roberts said...

They weren't bad, I just mentioned the three that got airplay.

I always thought Jasmine should have cut another album, but the acting roles and Broadway started calling her along with motherhood.