Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Julian Bond Speaking At HRC LA Dinner

Every time you hear that bull about 'Blacks are more homophobic than others', I want you to remember this speech.

Here's civil rights icon Julian Bond speaking at the recent HRC dinner in Los Angeles.


gogojojo said...

I'm no fan of HRC but I do love Bond for standing up.

Side note: It's so funny how now a days there is all this talk about the homophobia of the Black community. However, HISTORY shows that often LGBT people made community in the bars and night clubs knee-deep in Black neighborhoods. And it's also funny how so many of the queer hot spots in the major cities came from and are still connected to slowly gentrified poor communities of color

Monica Roberts said...

Glad to see ya sis! I also love Julian Bond for CONSISTENTLY saying this and also pointing out that he late Coretta Scott King also supported GLBT rights.

You are so right about that. I used to go from time to time to a little after hours GLBT spot on Elgin.