Wednesday, March 23, 2011

TransGriot Nuke A Troll 10- Another Chucky Defender Tries Me

Well, looks like the USS Monica is going to have to leave port on another cybercruise to blast the ignorance coming her way in her comment section.

Today we've locked and loaded our troll nuke tipped informational Tomahawks at commenter James, who posted this gem on my post blasting Chuck Knipp for sending a contribution to my blog donation button I promptly returned.   He then started showing his true KKKolors and sent a few  .88 cent ones which also got returned.

FYI people 88 is white supremacist code for 'Heil Hitler'.   (8= the eight letter of the alphabet, and 88=HH)

Heeeeere's James.

Chuck is a very sweet person and would that you might try to see things from his perspective, you might know that he is not making fun of African Americans, or women. In fact, he is making a social and political statement about stereotypes. Albeit an uncomfortable statement, it is none-the-less an examination of stereotypes through humor.

Whoopi Goldberg told an incredibly "offensive" joke to make a point about stereotypes and language and I think it is relevant here. Watch it here Be forewarned it may be offensive, but it's thought provoking. Chuck is thought provoking as well and if you dig under the surface you might just see that what he is saying is how ridiculous stereotypes are.

Sometimes funny is rooted in what we are afraid to say. But, before you condemn him, see the show. If not, then you're a hypocrite. 

5...4...3...2...1  launch

To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, there y'all go again.      Chuck may be sweet to y'all, but his actions to POC's don't convey that message, James.

That same sweet person as you characterized him posted on his blog a photoshopped pic of Jasmyne Cannick a few years ago on the body of a African-American porn star named Annie Hawkins-Turner.

'Nice' Chuck did so because Jasmyne is not only one of many fierce critics of his 'act', she led the protest that successfully killed one of his LA shows.

According to you Chuck is not making fun of African-Americans?   Really?    A character that speaks in Ebonics, has 19 'chirren' named after discount stores and talks about drinking 40's isn't in your clueless vanilla flavored privileged mind 'making fun of African-Americans?  You've watched a few too many Fox news shows.

It's not just my opinion, there's a long list of African Americans that since 2002 haven't found his New Millennium Minstrel Show to be funny and have expressed themselves about it..  

And please don't try to equate Whoopi Goldberg to Chuck.  She's said some jacked up things as well, but the difference between her and Chuck is she light years more intelligent and doesn't do a racist minstrel show for a living. 

'Thought provoking' are not words I'd use in a sentence to describe Chuck Knipp.   He's about as thought provoking as Christine O'Donnell.
Let me break it down for you and any other Chucky defender a point that y'all repeatedly seem to be oblivious to. . There's a fine line between funny and offensive.  You don't as a white person get to tell me or my people what is or isn't offensive to us or any POC.    If we tell you the racial joke your buddies laughed at is offense, better that that as the gospel truth.

Duck and cover, and don't look at the flash when the troll nuke goes off.

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