Friday, March 18, 2011

Moni's 2011 Women's NCAA B-Ball Bracket

The UConn Huskies streak ended at 90 games, but they are still the defending two time NCAA women's champions and seeking a threepeat.   But there are more than a few teams that believe they have what it takes to knock the Huskies off their accustomed positions as queens of the NCAA championship throne.

The usual basketball royalty grabbed the Number 1 seeds in the women's NCAA tourney.  UConn, Stanford, Tennessee and Baylor with the Huskies getting the Number one overall tournament.

That 90 game UConn winning streak didn't include any wins over Tennessee, but the Huskies may have to go through the Lady Vols to get to their eighth NCAA title.    I'm also happy to see my Lady Cougars get their first invite to the tournament since the Chandi Jones era in 2005, but we're in the Dallas Regional and looking at a potential second round matchup with Houston homegirl Brittney Griner and her Baylor.Lady Bears. 

Speaking of the Lady Bears, they are also facing a potential fourth battle with bitter rival Texas A&M with a trip to Indianapolis on the line.   The same is true for Stanford, who has beaten UCLA three times in the Pac-10 this year as well. 

It's going to be an interesting road to the Final Four in Indianapolis.

Philadelphia Region

1st Round
UConn, Kansas State, Georgetown, Maryland, Penn State, DePaul, Iowa State, Duke

Sweet 16
UConn, Maryland, Penn State, Duke

Elite 8
UConn,  Duke

Philadelphia Region Champion

Dayton Region

1st Round
Tennessee, Marquette, Georgia Tech, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Miami (FL), Arizona State, Notre Dame

Sweet 16
Tennessee, Ohio State, Miami (FL), Notre Dame

Elite 8
Tennessee, Notre Dame

Dayton Region Champion

Spokane Region

1st Round
Stanford, Texas Tech,  North Carolina, Kentucky, Iowa, UCLA, Louisville, Xavier

Sweet 16
Stanford, Kentucky, UCLA, Xavier

Elite 8
Stanford, UCLA

Spokane Region Champion

Dallas Regional

1st Round
Baylor, Houston, Wisconsin-Green Bay, Michigan State, Georgia,  Florida State, Louisiana Tech,  Texas A&M

Sweet 16
Baylor, Wisconsin-Green Bay, Florida State, Texas A&M

Elite 8
Baylor, Texas A&M

Dallas Regional Champion

Final Four Teams
UConn, Tennessee, Stanford, Baylor

Championship Game
Tennessee, Stanford

NCAA Champion

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