Monday, March 14, 2011

Moni's 2011 NCAA Men's and Women's B-Ball Brackets Coming Soon

The college basketball conference championship weekend is over for both men's and women's programs, and March Madness is about to break out here in the States with a vengeance.

In Houston it will be especially intense because we're hosting the NCAA Men's Final Four at Reliant Stadium and the UH Lady Coogs are assured of making the Women's NCAA tournament for the first time since the Chandi Jones led squad in 2004. 

And yes peeps, the rodeo will not only be gone but the stadium will be defunkified long before you peeps who plunked down major bucks for Final Four tickets get here.

The Men's brackets and seeds have been set, and I'm contemplating who is going to do what in the various regions before I post what four teams will make it to H-town and cutting down the nets in April.  

Like 'errbody' else in this country I love filling out NCAA basketball tournament brackets, but I take it two steps further.   I not only have done one for the women's NCAA tournament since 2008 because I sincerely believe that women's sports need the love more than 'the menz' do, I've been posting mine online since 2007 so that y'all can pick it apart.

The Women's NCAA Final Four will be held in Indianapolis this year and as usual broadcast on ESPN.  I'm loving the fact that this season I saw far more regular season women's games on television than in past years and I've had a chance to see many  teams beyond the traditional powerhouses like Stanford, UConn, and Tennessee.

The Streak may be over, but UConn is still the defending women's NCAA b-ball champion and working on a threepeat until somebody beats them.    As soon as the Selection Monday show happens, I can begin to compile my women's bracket post before the first games tip off this weekend.

Here are my past Men's NCAA brackets for 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010

Here are my women's NCAA tournament brackets for 2008, 2009, and 2010. I've actually done a better job picking the women's NCAA brackets and champion than I have the men.  

So how will I do on both the Men's and women's sides in 2011?    Stay tuned to these TransGriot pages to find out.

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