Sunday, March 06, 2011

Hypocrite Alert- Grant Storms Busted

One of the things I've noted about our Forces of Intolerance haters is that many of them are either insecure with their own gender identity or sexuality or have seriously creepy issues of their own.

One of those in this camp is Grant Storms.

He's a fundie pastor that if you go to New Orleans' French Quarter will see loudly using his bullhorn to decry and condemn any in his opinion sinful behavior, and is a loud critic of the Southern Decadence party that happens in the French Quarter on Labor Day weekend. 

Well, it seems that Storms is another one of those hate pastors who ain't practicing what he screeches.

The 53 year old Storms was busted by Jefferson Parish Sheriff's deputies on an obscenity charge  in Metairie, LA when two witnesses caught him in a local park touching his junk in a van near the children's carousel.

Hypocrisy meter at maximum strength for this one.
Eewwweh.    And you people bear false witness on us and call transpeople a danger to society?   More like you fundie Christians are

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