Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Drag Bingo? No Wonder EQ Maryland Lost To The Anti-Marriage Folks

Here they are in the middle of trying to pimp a flawed trans right bill and they are promoting a Drag Bingo night?

Seriously?   Did you people even take Political Science 101 or 102 in school?   The timing of this event is mind numingly idiotic. 

Cue Kat Rose for her take on this jaw dropping stupidity .

....but most people with any political sense understand that waving drag queens under the noses of legislators and easily-excitable scared citizens who either don’t know or who are being goaded by christianists into not caring that not all trans people are drag queens might not be a good idea – depending, of course, on what the actual goals actually are. 

No wonder you people lost to Robert 'Android Marriage' Broadus and his anti same gender marriage B-team.

Why is it that we transpeople get the GL Civil Rights Gang That Can't Shoot Straight  (pun intended) when we have legislation critical to our lives that should have easily passed and been airtight to begin with?


To borrow the line from the State Farm 'magic jingle' commercial , 'Y'all make my head numb' from the unprofessional piss poor way this has been handled.

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