Monday, March 14, 2011

You ARE A Trans Oppressor If

I've been writing along with other trans people about the how, what, when, where, who, why and history of trans oppression on this blog and will continue to do so.

But I love this statement from Tom Lang that elegantly encapsulates who is a trans oppressor.

"To participate in the removal of transgender and transsexual people from public accommodations or any other part of any bill that protects basic human rights provided to other groups, for any reason, be it incremental strategy, complicity in the messaging or organizational support, makes that person an oppressor and directly responsible for the continued stigmatization of TG/TS people."

Yep, couldn't have said it any better myself.    But I'm going to take what Tom said and expand on it.

You are a trans oppressor if you knowingly and willingly propagate false and defamatory information about trans people that stigmatizes my community and negatively impacts its efforts to codify its human rights, or if you engage in 'othering' transpeople in order to make yourselves feel more secure about your own gender identity or sexual orientation. 

We have plenty of examples in that flavor of trans oppression in terms of Ray Blanchard, Dr. Paul McHugh,  Alice Dreger, radical lesbian feminists, the WWBT/HBS crowd, fundamentalist Christians, fundamentalist Muslims, sellout Black ministers. insecure straight and gay cis men and cis women ....

Did I forget anyone in that last paragraph?    I want you to get full credit for all you do to oppress trans people since you're not shy in engaging in it.

You are a trans oppressor if you advocate, condone or participate in any violence aimed at trans people that dehumanizes us, results in the termination of our lives, causes bodily harm to us or creates a climate of fear in my community. 

And we get painful reminders of that aspect of our oppression and dehumanization every November.

You ARE a trans oppressor if you engage in the practices that are highlighted here.  So for those of you who have a conscience, what are you going to do to correct it?.  

And for those of you who refuse to do so, may I remind you that karma is a rhymes with itch. 

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