Sunday, March 13, 2011

Move That Clock Forward

For you peeps in the States, it's Daylight Savings Time again.   That means we've got to move those clocks forward one hour and lose some sleep.  It also means I'll have to start writing CDT in my posts again for the next several months.

I have mixed emotions about this change because while I love the extra hour of sunlight in the evening, I hate losing the hour of sleep.  I really hated it back during my party animal days because if I happened to be out and about on time change night, the club not only closed at what was now 3 AM CDT,  I was now starting the trip home an hour later.   

I liked being out when the time went back.   Extra hour of partying and still get my sleep in.

Well people, don't forget to move those clocks and watches forward.    If you don't do it, you'll find yourself being an hour late for everything today.

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