Thursday, March 24, 2011

Darn, I Missed Independence From HBS Day!

You long time TransGriot readers have seen the posts I've aimed at the HBS/WWBT crowd over the five years I've been writing at this blog.

They have their white sheeted hatred on for me so much that they only refer to me in their delusional discourse by my last name.   By the way White Women Born Transsexuals, that's Ms. Roberts to you.

Award winning internationally known activist, IFGE Trinity Award winner and blogger that you WWBT's incessantly hate because you want to emulate.

Anyhoo, on to more serious business since playtime with you peeps is over.  Take it away One Fallen Angel, which celebrated on March 22 Independence From HBS Day.

On this momentous occasion, I could think of nothing better than to celebrate my independence from believing in ‘science’ by opinion. I speak of ‘Harry Benjamin Syndrome’ — the fictitious medical condition that TS-Si’s delusional cult leaders (and their obsequious thralls) purport to suffer from.

Loved the Independence From Harry Benjamin Syndrome Day post that has link smacking the TS-Si cultists around, and thank you for including two TransGriot posts to the fun and festivities of the day.

I appreciate anyone who has the patience and writing skills to point out just how privileged and full of bull feces the WWBT cultists are, and this definitely deserves a signal boost.    Check out the link to it here.

And Happy Belated Independence From HBS Day!

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