Sunday, March 20, 2011

TransGriot Nuke A Troll 9- Drinking The Kool-Aid

After a few weeks of shore leave, time for the USS Monica to leave home port once again and blow up some more cyberignorance.    
Nicole H decided she wished to pick a fight with Moni because I called out Mara Keisling and her National Center for Transgender Exclusion for supporting the worthless HB 235 trans rights bill in Maryland. 
Nicole H said...
I love and admire Mara Keisling. You may not agree or understand every position she takes but I trust her motives and political knowledge to know tthat she understands Beltway politics much more than I as an outsider do.
Secondly, Mara is an attoorney. I'm sure she could make much more money in private or corporate practice than working as a Trans activist.
Many of Monica Roberts articles seem to be very angry and judgemental. I feel that we should quit "eating our own" and try to respect each other. While I may not agree with Mara on the incremental rights approach to equality, I do have the utmost respect for her and appreciate her efforts on behalf of the Trans Community.
9:28 AM


Nicole, you started it, I'm going to finish blowing up your vanilla scented ignorance.

I don't agree with Mara Keisling's stances because she has repeatedly failed the trans community by being on the wrong side of many issues of importance to it and too quick to suck up to Gay, Inc..

And Nicole, since you obviously aren't aware of this, I was until 2002 the political director of NTAC.  I was  lobbying on trans issues at the state and national level several years before this community, much less you knew who Mara Keisling was.

You 'trust her motives and knowledge of inside the Beltway politics'?     You're joking, right?

Yeah, the same 'knowledge of inside the beltway politics' that had her sitting next to Sen. John McCain on a cross country flight to DC and not take any time to talk to him about our issues?

The same 'knowledge of inside the beltway politics' that in 2007 had her claiming that trans inclusion in ENDA was 'a slam dunk' when myself and other NTAC people were sounding the alarm in May 2007 that we weren't in the bill and word from our Capitol Hill contacts was we were going to get cut out of it?.

She was the one also calling us 'crazy' until the 'crazy NTAC people' were proven 100% correct in late September-October 2007.

The same knowledge of 'inside the beltway politcs' that has those same inside I-495 people calling her a joke?  Judging by her effectiveness so far as a trans advocate, we wish she'd stayed in the corporate world.

Nicole, you been drinking that NCTE Kool-Aid by the 55 gallon drum haven't you?

Then you make the blanket attack statement calling my articles 'angry and judgemental'.   Which ones?  You didn't specify for starters, and whose standards?  Yours?

Your white privilege is showing just for making that bigoted 'angry' charge.

So what if they are?  I sure do have a lot to be fracking angry about and I'm not apologizing for it.   It's my chocolate transpeeps who are disproportionately dying and being discriminated against while your shero plays political inside I-495 games with our lives  
And after you write the sentence calling my articles 'angry and judgemental', you then in the same paragraph say we should quit 'eating our own' and respect each other.   

Yeah, right Nicole.   I'm supposed to respect someone who called me a 'violent racist' and 'uppity nigger', attempted to trash my name on Capitol Hill along with a long list of other trans activists, but you fail to respect the fact I have an IFGE Trinity Award and a long history of trans activism just like your shero? 

Not gonna happen.   I forgave her but I'm not gonna forget being stabbed in the back by her or being told by my contacts what she was doing on the Hill.  I also have no respect for sellouts who earn 80K pieces of silver a year to enable the oppression of the trans community

What you call 'eating our own' and 'horizontal hostility'  are just silencing techniques and words designed to stifle criticism of questionable decisions and sellout behavior by far too many melanin free trans leaders.  

I'm doing what African-Americans have always done in terms of questioning the fitness of people who claim to lead us and their effectiveness in executing the enactment of the political, economic and social agenda of the trans community.  If you and the Mara Can Do No Wrong Crowd don't like the fact this unapologetically Black trans woman is one of the many people pointing out her incompetence, too damned bad.

Duck and cover, and don't look at the flash when the troll nuke goes off.

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